Thursday, October 13, 2011


One of the attractions at the recent Agrilink trade show was this miniature horse which is just about two feet tall. It was being walked around by the lady veterinarian of Paradizoo which is well known for introducing unusual breeds of animals. It could be a very nice pet for kids but probably only those whose parents could afford to buy it. According to the lady vet, this one costs Php280,000.

Unique Upo

Diana Aguila holds an unusual upo or bottle gourd at the Agrilink trade show at the World Trade Center-Metro Manila last week. A product of Allied Botanical Corporation, it is small compared to other bottle gourd varieties but it has special uses. Besides being highly suitable for cooking, it could be allowed to fully mature so the rind becomes hard. Then it is good for making into handicraft for decorative purposes and for holding wine. It could also be made into a unique flower vase.


Chong Ken Foo of Exotic Focus Philippines Company stands before his exhibit at the recent Agrilink trade show at the World Trade Center-Metro Manila. His bio-organic products are used for inoculating seeds before planting so that the plants will become robust and resistant to diseases. He has also a bio-organic product that is used for decomposting farm wastes such as rice straw in just a matter of one week or thereabouts. The pictures shown in his exhibit booth are crops treated with his bio-organic products.


La Union provincial board member Joaquin Ostrea is developing a big land in Balaoan town where he is planting exotic fruits. He purposely attended the recent Agrilink trade show to buy planting materials from Teresa Orchard and Nursery. He got plenty of Longkong lanzones, Golden Queen mango, Peach mango from Australia, Eating Green and Many Babies mango from Thailand, latexless  jackfruit, Star Ruby makopa and others. Ostrea was also mayor of Balaoan for three terms before being elected to the provincial board.