Friday, January 30, 2009

Coming Soon

It takes time to travel :)

Patience is a virtue.

COMING SOON, is the sign on the tarpaulin when locations are being prepared.

Habits and norms are hard to break....

Boils down to: Zac is preparing. Weheheheh, blogging is a new thing and at this point, like a big page to close in the hard copy publishing, he is collating and gathering. It will take time, hopefully a short one, for him to get used to the ease and spontaneous way of blogging and editing.

We talked last night and he is so excited about this project. I told him he can just email me his scraps for the meantime....shhhhh and I can post it.

1 comment:

  1. Zac, congatulations it is a long time coming but it is never to late. Your blog would be a big help for people who are interested in agriculture. Your long years experience as an agricultural writer would make your blog very interesting.

    Rene,Art & Toti Alaminos Goat Farm

    The people you have met through the years as you go around the Philippines in your pursuit of successful agriculture project would be a wealth of experience.

    Good Luck Zac.