Monday, January 26, 2009

Wishing Us A Bullish Future

Things and events happen for a reason...though it may seem to be decided on gut feel, at the spur of the moment. Look at it as proper timing and correct teamwork!

We left Manila for Ilocos Sur at 6pm. Small talks that led to real passions and here we are.

Am just here to set up this blog for Zac Sarian who thought that putting his ideas online requires a webmaster and expensive equipments.

I will not preempt the themes to be tackled. Am just typing to set this up. I even invited myself as an author! Don't worry, won't try to educate you. Am here as cheerleader for Zac.

BTW, I wanted to make sure we toast to this blog today. New Year, Earth Ox, this is Zac's year.

Happy New Year!.....I am a rat....rats want to jump to the final line first :)


  1. magandang araw po, marami pong salamat at meron na kayong blog ngayon sana po ay marami kaming matutunan mula sa inyo. isa po akong taga subaybay ng inyong agriculture mag at thanks po sa ibinigay nyo sakin na complimentary copy dun sa seminar ng solraya more power and GOD BLESS

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